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Protected, Paninted or Finished Leather Although lacking the suppleness and style of the more expensive leathers, these leathers are the most forgiving and are quite easy to care for. 

Home cleaning and reapplication of protectors are recommended at least twice a year. It is important to use a quality product such as LeatherMaster's Anti Aging for Protected Leather. These kits are available for purchase at our store in Austin. Professional deep cleaning, moisturizing, and reprotecting is recommended every two to three years.

Aniline Leather The leather used to make pure aniline leather furniture is the finest available. It is very supple and colored using semi transparent dyes instead of solid colors. This gives it a natural depth of appearance and softness.  It is also considerably more susceptible to staining and soiling. Proper regular cleaning and moisturizing is essential with this type of leather. Kits are available for sale at our location. We recommend home care three to four times a year and professional care every two years.


Semi Aniline Leather A fine compromise between pure anilines and protected leather. Semi anilines use the same high quality leather but add a light protective coating to limit moisture and oil from penetrating the leather. Care kits are available for sale at our store. We recommend home care three times a year and professional care every two years.


Wax or Oil Pull Ups Identified by a glossy finish, these pieces have had waxes or oils added to the leather to enhance the texture and naturally protect the finish. Regular reapplication of these emollients is critical to maintaining the color and texture of this type of leather. Home care kits are available at our store. Home maintenance is recommended at least three times a year and professional treatments every eighteen months to maintain your furniture's natural look and feel.

Nubuck or Suede These are "pile leathers". Both nubuck and suede have raised piles similar to a velvet fabric. They are extremely sensitive to staining and rapid soiling with regular use. We recommend their use in decorative situations only. Although home care kits are available, we recommend professional application of a premium nubuck protector when the furniture is new and a regular maintenance plan to protect your investment in this type of leather.


Bicast Leather This is actually a man made type of leather that is mostly a painted urethane finish over a very weak leather foundation. This type of leather is found only in the least expensive furniture and does not wear well.


Automotive and Aviation Leather Intensive use and variable conditions require special types of leather. Automotive and aviation leather is made of some of the industry's most durable leather with special finishes applied. We recommend semi annual application of specialized products such as LeatherMaster's automotive leather care system. Professional deep cleaning, conditioning and reprotecting should be performed every two years.