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Proper cleaning, repair and remoisturising of your leather is critical to preserving the value of your investment.

Austin Leather Cleaners provides professional on site leather furniture cleaning, conditioning, color correction, and repairs. In home estimates are available for an $85 inspection fee. This charge may be applied toward services. You may also bring loose cushions into our cleaning plant. Email us for more information on drop off times and location.

Nothing can compare to the comfort, look and feel of a fine piece of leather furniture. With proper care you can fully enjoy the recent advances in leather tanning and coloring processes that have made it more affordable and durable than ever. Although frequently perceived to be very durable and almost "kidproof" the truth is that leather furniture requires regular home maintenance and occasional professional care to stay in tip top shape. Improper care can cause your leather to become starved for moisture and infrequent cleaning can cause damage to the leather's finish, dramatically increasing the chances of permanent staining and discoloration.

Most leather on today’s market falls into one of a few different categories. The proper frequency and timing of cleaning, moisturizing, and reprotecting the leather varies with type, application, and location.